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Bio: With 14 cells divided of the tray, each pocket can hold at least 9kgs of batteries, then, as WOW have all machines in house, all process can be done within 10 days for your bulk order.
Item No: FSDU-1044, Dimensions: 570*570*1670, Package: flat packed, 5 displays per carton to save shipment volume.
There are 6 advantages that flooring display racks have:
A. Customized make according to your products or idea.
B. Supply template to you design after confirm price
C. Make sample for your confirm size, color and structure.
D. Make pre-production unit according to the modified idea after confirm the order
E. Production and delivery
F. Supply assemble vedio or instruction
Details of flooring display racks are:
Item No.FSDU-1044
Dimensions570*370*1670mm(can be customized)
Material350G CCNB + B flute
Printing4C CMYK offset printing for header
Surface treatmentHigh glossy lamination
PackageFlat pack, 5 display per shipper carton
Sample chargeNo
Sample time1-2 working days
Production lead time10-12 days
Q: What does WOW Display need from me to quote a price?
A: 1.Style, Shape & Size
3.Printing requirements
4.Mode of transportation
Q: Once I have approved a design, how long to get a price?
A: Not exceed 8 hours on weekdays.
Q: What is the minimum quantity I must order?
A: We don’t technically have minimums, but due to low price levels, the minimum order quantity for this product is 100 units.
Q: Do you have flooring display racks or packaging in stock?
A: No. We do not inventory any displays. Each order requires a custom production setup and is manufactured to a custom order quantity.Customized Floor Display