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Bio: Shaanxi Maituo Machinery Manufacturing Co., ltd, established in Nov. 1997, the leading enterprise of equipment manufacturing industry at Yuhua Industrial Zone, which has been identified by the State as county-level industrial zone of Yanta district in Xi'an. Our new address moves to be feng'er east road, fengjing industrial zone, huyi district,Xi'an.
Our leading products comprise high-speed rolls with wide face length and equipment complex of paper-making machinery. Mayto, for the past 21-year unremitting efforts, by the most advanced technologies as standards and quality as life, keeps its pace with worldwide advanced technologic level in paper machinery. Our self-research technology Deep-hole borer without cutting joint, settling the machining bottleneck of thickness evenness for shell, which fundamentally avoids the dynamic deformation of roll, meeting with the China domestic market needs for paper evenness in high-frequency no-reaction shaking system and in fiber dispersion arrangement, both of which reaches to the world leading.
Maituo Products includes the following:
level Classification Designation
Forming Section of paper machine Breast Roll
Shaking Machine
Forming Roll
Rectifier Roll
Wire Roll
Tension Roll
Drive Wire Roll
Suction Roll
Table Roll
Couch Roll
Leading Roll
Lead out Roll
Press Section of paper machine Suction Pick-up Roll
Suction Press Roll
Press Suction Touch Roll
Jumbo Press Roll
Blind Drill Press Roll
Grooved Press Roll
Stone Roll
Ceramic Roll
Calender Roll
Felt Roll
Stretch Roll
Regulating unit
Teasion Unit
Regulating Roll
Cleaning Roll
Size Press Section of paper machine Size hard Roll
Size Soft Roll
Size Leading Paper Roll
Dyer Section of paper machine Paper Leading Roll
Dryer Wire Roll
Canvas Roll
Dryer Tensioning Roll
Vac Roll
Dryer Adjusting Unit
Dryer Tensioning Unit
Coater Section of paper machine Coating Backing Roll
Applicator Roll
Reel/Winder Section of paper machineReel Drum
Reel Spool
Pneumatic core shaft
Rewinder Drum Roll
Grooved Rewinder Bottom Drum
Rider Roll
Bamboo Roll
Paper Roll
Spare parts for industries of Metallurgy,
coal mine, printing,etc.Quenching Roll
Preheat Oil Roll
Chrome Stretch Roll
Drive Roller
Redirection Roller

At present, our roll products and auxiliary equipments are globally recognized by paper machinery and equipments industry, regarde as "China Roll Expert". Our business partners scatter in many countries and states as Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Dubai, Russia, France, Finland, Canada, America, Japan, Italy, India, Vietnam, China Taiwan, other nations and regions. Mayto is honored by the biggest of which International Paper group as the sole qualified roll supplier of Chinese mainland.
In China, Maituo has supplied accessories, spares parts for paper machine, and has long-term cooperation with famous domestic paper enterprises, especially Nine dragons paper (holdings) limited, Shangdong Sun Paper Industry Joint Stock., ltd, Shangdong ChenMing Paper Group, China paper Group, Huatai Group, Tranlin Group, Liansheng paper machinery, Shanying paper machinery, Lee@man paper manufacturing limited, APP and other paper mills, and paper machinery companies like Yueli Machinery, Andritz (China) ltd, Xi'an Weiya papermaking machinery, Valmet, PMP and so on.
In the future, we will supply our best products and service for paper making enterprises and mills in domestic and oversea, always adhering to advanced technology, best quality and after-sales services.
Sincerely, the entire Mayto thank all the partners and customers for your supporting and help!
Welcome to inquire us prices and visit our company and facilities!China Grooved Rewinder Bottom Drum factory