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Bio: With the development of the vacuum belt filter industry, more and more filters need 4m and wider belts. Sunny rubber has built largest flat vulcanizing machine in China, which can make 5m wide belt without length direction splicing. This helps to develop bigger vacuum belt filter and solve the key and common technical problems about spliced belt
Rubber filter belt using in chemical factory
Acid and alkali resistant filter belt
1) For contact with the acid and alkali working environment such asphosphate fertilizer manufacturing, alumina industry, the catalyst (4A zeolite) and other industries;
2) Cover plastic with rubber and plastic blend and filled with acid and alkali superior inert materials, acid and alkali than neoprene superior performance;
Skeleton material using polyester canvas, cotton canvas core than the acid and alkali performance is more reliable;
3) Drain hole parts of pure plastic, blocking the acid and alkali penetration through the fabric layer filter stratification, bringing the filter to reduce the service life;
Heat-resisting filter belt
1) Mainly used for filtering high-temperature materials, 80 鈩?/p>
2) Different heat levels, the use of EPDM or styrene-butadiene rubber as covering plastic, skeleton material using high-strength polyester canvas, covering the glue and skeleton laying heat-resistant glass cloth, drain holes with heat-resistant pure Rubber layer, blocking the destruction of high temperature on the skeleton. So heat-resistant filter with greatly improved life expectancy
1.How about the delivery time?
Usually 30 days after receive the deposit.
2.How about the payment?
T/T or L/C
3.Do you have any guarantee?
One yearRubber Filtration Belt suppliers