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Bio: 鈻?nbsp;Our History
Shaoxing Maq Import&Export Co.,Ltd is a ready-made garment manufacturer and exporter of men鈥檚 outerwear, established in 2006, It is located in Shaoxing (Zhejiang Province), near the China Textile Market 鈥?the largest textile market in Asia, it is only 1 hour from Hangzhou International Airport by Car, and 1.5 hours from Shanghai by Train.
Our product range consists of: Men鈥檚 Suits, Blazer, Coats, Pants and Shirts. Our main customers are based in Europe, the Middle East and South America.
With our well-known reputation for efficiency and quality, we are looking for business partners throughout the world.
鈻?nbsp;Our Factory
We have long-term cooperated factory in ningbo and shaoxing.
Less MOQ, Competitive price, good quality and Fast delivery.
鈻?nbsp;Our Product
Men鈥檚 Suits. Men鈥檚 Blazer, Men鈥檚 Coats. Men鈥檚 Pants, Men鈥檚 Shirts
鈻?nbsp;Production Equipment
Cutting/sewing/ironing machine
鈻?nbsp;Production Market
Europe, the Middle East and South America.
鈻?Our Service
Before production, we will offer fabric, trims and pp sample for approval.
During production, we will make in-line and final inspection.
After production, we will follow the selling and take responsibility for quality problem.Buy Over Sized Leather Coat