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Bio: Our History
Founded in 1980, the company has nearly 40 years of manufacturing history.
Our Factory
Covers an area of 100,000 square meters, construction area of 60,000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 400 people, including senior and higher professional and technical personnel 57 people.
Our Product
Classifiction of paper machine、Tissue/toilet paper machine、Printing/office paper machine、News paper machine、Kraft paper machine、Testliner paper/duplex board machine、Corrugated/fluting paper machine、paper coating machine.
Main parts of paper machine、Cylinder moid、Head/flow box、Sizing machine、Dryer cylinder、Calendering machine、Winding machine、Rewinding machine、Roll.
Main parts for pulping equipment、Conveyor、Hydrapuler、High frequency vibrating screen、Bleacher、High-speed pulp washer、Decher thickener、Single effect fiber separator、Reject separator、Sand remover/cleaner、Pressure screen、Impeller、Pulp refiner、Pump.
Product Application
Paper industry
Our Certificate
As early as 1988, the company won the Henan Provincial Quality Management award, and has been the provincial contract and trustworthy enterprise, quality trustworthy enterprise, scientific and technological progress enterprise and other honorary titles, 2002 through the ISO9001 Quality Management system certification, products have won the provincial Department of Quality Products award more than 10.
Production Equipment
Has a variety of advanced casting equipment, processing equipment more than 200 units (department), testing equipment more than 800 units (pieces).
Production Market
Products sold in 28 provinces and municipalities in the country, exported to Korea, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam and more than 20 countries and regions.
Customized News Paper Making Machines